6 Minute Walk Test

The quality of functional movement is a clear expression of neuromotor and musculoskeletal control and its accurate evaluation can therefore provide a battery of potential outcome parameters for assessing functional status in individuals with and without pathology. As such, quantification of movement quality, in particular gait, allows an understanding of e.g. risk of falling, and therefore provides new and meaningful secondary endpoints for clinical trials. However, a complete and comprehensive assessment of gait parameters is required before an understanding of the complex multi-dimensional patterns in gait can be gained. In order to overcome the limitations of gait analyses being performed in expensive laboratory settings, we aim to provide new tools to accurately measure and quantify gait patterns in real world settings for improving the management of clinical trials.
Using state-of-the-art inertial measurement units (IMUs) within the ZurichMOVE project we will place 5 synchronised sensors on the human body (one on the trunk and one on each arm and foot) to comprehensively analyse gait performance during a 6 min walk trial.